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Are You Experiencing Growing Pains In Your Consulting Business?

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Growing your consulting business can be intense or even painful. You reach a point where you are ready to take the next step but the pathway to your goal is not set out clearly in front of you.

Each step leads to new possibilities with more questions to answer.

You are having to make decisions about issues you haven’t encountered before.

There might be a gap in your skills or experience.

Resistance starts to build. You are feeling uncomfortable again, possibly out of your depth, and you start to come up with reasons not to grow your business. These seem valid to you but look at them again: why are you talking yourself out of taking action?

You are experiencing growing pains. It happens at every stage of growing your consultancy business. While the learning curve you are on might make you want to stay where you are instead of embracing a new chapter in your business, this creates a different pain: the pain of stagnation.

You decided not to change how your business operates because it felt comfortable. But change comes along anyway as you get more clients, and now you are not just uncomfortable, you’re miserable. Your days are getting longer, and your work is getting less enjoyable. You feel trapped.

Growing pains can feel uncomfortable. I know, I’ve experienced them in my own business at times. It can feel like everything is out of control and you are not sure where you are going.

But keep going, push past that resistance, because suddenly the clouds will part and you will see how much further you have climbed. You will be able to catch your breath and enjoy the view, before setting your sights on the next stage. Be brave and take that first step.

Let me know, are you experiencing growing pains at the moment? What’s the next action you need to take to grow your consulting business?

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