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Are You Doing Life – And Business – In A Way That Works For You?

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Have you seen that internet meme that says, ‘Going to bed early. Not leaving the house. Not going to parties. My childhood punishments have become my life goals’?

I’m an introvert and I have varying degrees of social anxiety but I have a lot of friendships and people in my life, and I often make myself show up in ways that don’t feel natural or authentic. I have faked social interactions on a lot of occasions, and one of the biggest reasons was a voice inside that said ‘if you don’t show up to this, you will miss out. You will be lonely and friendless. You will feel left out’.

But honestly, the result was that I showed up, forced myself to be someone I’m not which didn’t work because it never does, and then STILL felt lonely and left out at times.

I’m telling you this because for me, and for so many of the consultant women I talk to, managing our physical and emotional energy as we build our businesses is a huge consideration we need to make.

One of the big factors that led me to experience burnout 11 years ago was that I had been forcing myself for several years to ignore my stress levels, which were through the roof, and instead of conceding that the London commuter lifestyle was really not working for me, I made myself get up and on the train every day to a job I hated but made myself do because it was the right thing on paper.

If you feel low energy about a certain activity – THIS MEANS SOMETHING. With all mindset work, your awareness is the crucial first step. Because once you start noticing the moments that you are putting yourself in that really don’t work for you, you will start to self-correct.

There doesn’t need to be any ‘shoulds’ in your business.

You don’t have to approach anything a particular way.

There are smart ways to build your business around your authentic self, and also self-sabotaging ways that can appear that they’re helping when actually they’re keeping you stuck in place. If you’re not sure how to tell the difference, a business coach can help you. 

So pay attention to your energy levels as you go about your working day. If something feels like it’s really uninspiring or really exhausting – this is something you to think seriously about hiring someone to do for you.

If your body is sending you a message – make sure you hear it.

Let me know, what activities do you no longer get involved in that you felt you should do when you were younger?

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