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Are You Being Paid At A Level That Excites You?

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Are you charging enough for your consultancy services? Without fail, the thing that women say when I raise this with them is, ‘I already charge the same as everyone else in my industry’.

And I then say, ‘that’s great, but what are your services actually worth to your client?’

Because so often we can approach pricing from a place of comparison. This person charges this, so I’ll charge the same, or slightly less.

You do have to have prices that are attainable to your clients but are you aiming for the right clients? You want to be doing high-level work, offering a high-touch, high value service to CEOs and organisation leaders. 

You can expect some resistance when you look at your business through this lens, but this is work that fulfils you at a deep level AND pays you the big bucks. Some clients of mine step into these services and offers very comfortably. They hadn’t realised it but they’re ready and they know they can do it. Is that the case for you?

When you love your work and you’re getting paid at a level that excites you it becomes a positive cycle that leaves you feeling more energised and inspired the more your business grows. 

You also start to feel like you’re having an impact on the world. Your work, your skillset, your experience, your courage – basically, you – is making a positive impact on the world and you get that triple-layer satisfaction and fulfilment because you’re helping your clients, you’re energised by your work, and you’re getting paid at the level you always wanted to.

Because let’s face it, 6 figures is fine. 6 figures is good. It’s a nice ego boost. 6 figures is fine, but 7 figures is exciting. It’s aspirational.

And the truly great thing about this is that when you start to really embrace that positive cycle of upward growth and fulfilment this ripples out to others around you. Your clients feel the benefit, your team feel the benefit, your family and friends feel the benefit, people who have never met you feel the benefit.

Let me know, what’s the impact of your business?

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