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Are Women Consultants Better Off Alone Out There?

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Women consultants, you often think you’re the exception not the rule – and that’s a mistake.

Whether it’s workplace sexism, women being treated differently at work because they are not attractive enough or ‘too’ attractive, all the issues around motherhood, pregnancy, miscarriage, childcare responsibilities, who takes what role in a particular project or programme – there are so many ways that women can be overlooked or discriminated against.  

If something like that is happening to you, and you don’t talk to others about it you might assume that what’s happening in your workplace or in your business is the exception. That it only happens to you. And so it must somehow be your fault.

This is something that I know I have wasted a huge amount of my life doing.

As women we often blame ourselves for things or take responsibility for things that we cannot possibly be responsible for. 

Sometimes it’s because we are made to feel that way, but actually, it can often happen because we don’t feel confident and so we assume that everything is our own fault.

But when we know other women who have experienced similar problems, we can see how it’s not our own individual responsibility, but part of a more widespread pattern.

And when you know how other women have dealt with those similar issues, you are armed with options and ideas for how to tackle it yourself.

If a client pushes back on price, you might feel tempted to cut your rates without changing the scope of the project. If you have a network of peers to discuss this with, they can stop you from backing down. They’ll tell you not to reduce the price without reducing the level of service you’re providing. They can tell you how in a similar situation they were able to handle the negotiation confidently and ended up with more of the budget not less.

Can you see the difference that it makes in just one scenario, for one woman?

Now imagine every women consultant accessing the support of her peers whenever she faces a challenge like this. Imagine the difference this will make to the way we run our businesses and the way we show up.

This is one of the enduring goals behind my Work Less Earn More Mentorship – a collective of women consultants committed to making more money, without working more and more hours.

==> You can find out more about joining us here.

And tell me, who are the women you rely on to support you in your business, and how do you help each other out?

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