You are currently viewing Episode 163: Client Showcase: How to Work Less and Earn More with Alecia Huck

In this week’s episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing my amazing client, Alecia Huck. Alecia is the founder and CEO of MAVERICK & Company, a management consulting firm that specialises in working with the leadership teams of fast-growing companies.

Alecia shared her inspiring business journey and the valuable insights she has gained along the way. We also discussed the importance of valuing the work we do over the amount of time we spend doing it, shifting from a time-based approach to a value-based approach to work less while achieving even greater results.

As women entrepreneurs, Alecia and I also delved into the unique challenges we face in the business world. We discussed the importance of letting go of control and embracing collaboration, as well as the need for self-acceptance and gratitude in our professional relationships.

Alecia’s story is truly inspiring, and her insights are invaluable for anyone looking to grow their consulting business.


In This Episode: 

[00:00:48] Jessica and Alecia discuss how they first met and decided to work together after a serendipitous LinkedIn post.

[00:04:15] Alecia shares the journey of her business, from starting as an entrepreneur with no experience to finding her niche in working with leadership teams in fast-growing companies.

[00:07:29] Working less and earning more, and the importance of shifting focus from time-based to value-based work.

[00:12:43] The difficulties of breaking free from old narratives and habits that prioritise overworking.

[00:16:13] Relying on others and allowing them to make decisions for the business or brand.

[00:18:58] The need to let go of control, loosen up, and take action without striving for perfection.

[00:21:37] The reality of entrepreneurship and how it often involves unexpected challenges and growth opportunities.

[00:23:21] Big wins and personal growth.

[00:26:07] The limitations of working more and the impact of self-acceptance on one’s effectiveness.

[00:29:27] Breaking out of old paradigms to achieve new results and make a difference in the lives of others.


Key Takeaways:

  • As consultants and coaches, the work we do can have a significant impact on businesses beyond just finances, such as employee happiness and team dynamics. Many business owners who have grown their companies organically end up feeling overwhelmed and trapped by their success. Alecia and I both advocate for a shift in mindset from being a freelancer who tracks time to being an expert who focuses on delivering value.
  • As women entrepreneurs, we often rely on ourselves too much and find it difficult to allow others to help and make decisions about our business. It’s important to let go and allow others to contribute – We don’t need to control everything!
  • Find a balance between working less and earning more. Pushing too hard can lead to burnout and limit growth. True brilliance comes from self-acceptance and being comfortable with yourself.



“We mix up time and value, right? Because time is really easy to quantify and value can be hard to quantify. And what I think is really great is that if you actually make this shift from valuing your time and talking about things in terms of time and focusing on how long you work… if you shift over to thinking about the value you produce, I think that’s better for your clients.” – Alecia Huck

“I call them your snakes in your brain, the voice that’s kind of negative, right? It’s a little distracting. And you do something really great and it goes, ‘oh, you’re just a spotlight hog’. We all have snakes in the brain, and some of us have snakes informed by trauma and really, you know, intense things in our past and that can make them nastier and more subtle. But, this year was a year where I worked probably less than I ever had. And I want to be really clear, the results that I produced with my people were extraordinary.” – Alecia Huck

“I think that we often are so self-reliant, and there are often backstories that completely explain why we’re like that, but I think for women entrepreneurs, we rely on ourselves aggressively. And we have to be told how to include other people and how to allow other people to help us, because actually, that’s not something that comes naturally.” – Jessica Fearnley


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Guest Bio

Alecia Huck is the founder and owner of MAVERICK & Company, a management consulting firm that specialises in working with the leadership teams of fast-growing companies. A sought-after speaker and writer, Alecia helps people have more BIG wins; the kind of wins where you get great results but also become a bigger, better, braver version of yourself along the way.

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