You are currently viewing Episode 154: Client Showcase: Throwing Out the Rulebook and Creating Your Own Dashboard for Life and Business with Catherine Hamilton

In this Client Showcase episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, Catherine Hamilton, the visionary behind Trestle Solutions, and I discuss what it looks like to consciously break your own rules and create the business and life you truly desire. Catherine initially sought my guidance as a business coach two and a half years ago, and it has been a privilege to support her business and personal growth since then. 

In this episode, we delve into the challenges impeding women from creating a business and the restrictive rules that hinder their happiness once they have established their enterprise. Catherine is a walking example of how coaching has helped her expand in life and her business, and she offers valuable counsel for women who are still employed in the corporate world but aspire to venture into entrepreneurship.

In this episode:

  • [00:00] Jessica and Catherine chat about how they connected.
  • [03:24] Catherine discusses how she planned for her four-week business remote session.
  • [06:48] Jessica and Catherine discuss how rules promote your journey, but are they made to be broken?
  • [12:58] Catherine shares rules she recognized needed to be changed.
  • [19:53] What has Catherine learned about herself since starting her business?
  • [24:20] Catherine gives an overview of the dashboard she uses to chart her business.
  • [30:40] Catherine has advice for women still working in a corporate setting, and she encourages women to reach out for the help they need through coaching or mentoring. 

Key Takeaways:

  • A significant advantage of working for yourself is setting your schedule and realizing you should work hard when the situation calls for it but also permit yourself to walk away from the desk.
  • Recognize in your business and life that you do not need to say yes to everyone.
  • Fear of the unknown will keep a woman from starting a business. To overcome that fear, one should speak to other women who have moved from employee to business owner.


“When I was finished with corporate, I felt like, when I was working for myself, if I took time out for lunch or went for a coffee, I’m thinking, Ooh, I have to get back to my desk. And then I would laugh and say, well, I’m the boss. I had to learn to permit myself to lean into something like this.” – Catherine Hamilton

“We’ve talked previously about the tendency to overlay the corporate structure onto the business that we, as women, create because we don’t know any differently. So it takes a bit of “deprogramming” or unlearning what has been decades of an approach to business.” – Catherine Hamilton

“When companies hyper-focus on creative, they miss the opportunity to make a new brand a catalyst for change within the organization. That’s why we create a vision & strategy for implementing a new brand – to meaningfully move a company beyond, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’” – Catherine Hamilton

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Guest Bio: 

Catherine Hamilton, CEO & Founder of Trestle Solutions, partners with companies to evolve their Marketing after mergers or significant growth.

Change can be messy. Catherine helps CEOs & Marketing leaders navigate marketing transformation by identifying the People, Program and Process levers that will unleash the next level of results. As a former executive with decades in growth companies, her jam is Marketing when it’s anything but business as usual. #trestleup