You are currently viewing Episode 134: Learning the Art of Self-Trust as a Leader in Your Consulting Business

This month we’re showcasing the best episodes from The Seven Figure Consultant Podcast Archives! This episode was originally episode 119.

We often get into situations in life and in business where to be quite honest, we don’t know what to do.

This is what happens when we’re in a season of personal growth or business growth. If you listen to this podcast regularly, you’ll know that we don’t usually do just one of these, we do both, personal growth leads to business growth and the two are massively connected.

When you’re growing, you’re in situations you’ve never handled before. And that can be scary. As high-achieving women, we like to be confident we know what to do and what to expect.

In today’s episode, I’m bringing together some moving parts that I’ve been working through and speaking about for the last few months. The thread running through them is self-trust, and if you’ve been listening to the show, I hope it’s going to help you think through some of those concepts you’ve heard about and how they apply to you and your consulting business.

I talk about:

  • Shifting from feeling like we need to control the outcome of every situation we’re in
  • When you have high hopes for a new opportunity, and it doesn’t live up to expectations
  • How setting ‘realistic’ goals which we’re certain we can do, keeps everything small and rigid
  • How we’re more motivated by impact and legacy than revenue
  • Allowing your business to just be a business, and not the thing that proves or disproves your validity as a human being.


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