You are currently viewing Episode 104: Why Is My Consulting Business So Draining?

Do you get a slight feeling of panic and overwhelm when you look at your diary for the week ahead? You’ve got to do so much in a tight time frame. It feels as if your consulting business requires you to operate at 100% capacity all the time.

You’ve got to the place you really wanted to get to – your consulting business is taking off and you’re experiencing that level of success. But you have the urge to escape. You’re not feeling excited or fulfilled by what you’re doing.

What’s going on?

I’m talking about why you might be finding your consulting business so draining on the podcast this week.

I discuss:

  • The stories we tell ourselves about what success looks like
  • Why you need to look beyond time management
  • Developing an alter ego to run your business
  • The cost of doing activities which do not align with your personality
  • Changes you can make to feel energised by your consulting business

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