You are currently viewing Episode 101: Luxe Your Business with Shayla Boyd-Gill

Do you talk down your desires? You’ve built your business to a comfortable level and you know you want to do more, but it feels greedy somehow. You’d like more time, more fun, and a 7 Figure consultancy to make that happen without feeling like you have to work long hours speaking to clients all day, every day.

You have a vision of what your life could be like. How do you bring more of yourself into what you do while enabling your business to run without you?

This week on the podcast, I am talking to Shayla Boyd-Gill about how to luxe your business. If you would love to bring more of your life and the things you love into your business and create an experience for your clients which makes a bigger impact, this conversation is for you.

Shayla went from bankruptcy to a multiple six-figure business. Now she is a Family Freedom and Affluence Mentor and creator of the Luxe Your BusinessTM Sales System and a sales strategist who shows women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom, and affluence – while doing what they love. She juggles being an entrepreneur with being a wife and mum of six homeschooled children.

She teaches her clients – service-based businesses – to restructure their businesses and lives by boosting their high-ticket sales so they can make more money in less time without a heavy client load.

We talk about:

  • Creating the life you want
  • Taking your laptop on trips away
  • The messy middle of building your business to 7 Figures
  • Making a bigger impact with your business
  • Being strategic and knowing what to focus your time on

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