You are currently viewing Episode 097: Breaking the Rules of Everyday Scarcity

Scarcity can be all around us. Just read your news app and you usually get a huge dose of scarcity to get you going in the morning. At the moment the UK papers are all full of stories about the petrol shortages – that’s gas for my friends in the US. They’re also warning us that there’ll be no food in the supermarkets this Christmas.

But scarcity isn’t something that only exists in the media. It’s instilled in us as children and we can create it for ourselves. Sometimes this is obvious. Every time we tell ourselves a client won’t pay for our services, or decide that we will carry on doing tasks which should really be outsourced, that’s scarcity in action. But it also hides in unlikely places.

Tackling scarcity is important for personal and business growth. If you can spot everyday scarcity, you will enable yourself to create the life you want more easily because these roadblocks will not be in your way. This is a key issue for women consultants whatever stage of business you’re at.

This week on the podcast I’m sharing how you can break the rules that make us think life and business have to be hard.

I talk about:

  • Examples of how we hide scarcity in different places in our lives
  • The internal rules we create for ourselves
  • What we need to do to support a growth mindset
  • Focusing on what is really important
  • Empowering yourself to act in your best interests


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