You are currently viewing Episode 091: Channelling Confidence with your Brand Photography, with Carrie Roseman

Do you ever stop to take stock of how your life has changed? If you could go back and speak to 21-year-old you about her dreams, what would she think of your life now? What would she celebrate? What things would she tick off as done?

Our lives change constantly and often without us realising. We look at ourselves and find we have evolved. Perhaps you are taking on bigger contracts, are attracting clients who are more suited to you, or have found new joy in your leisure time.

How has your view of yourself changed? And who do you want people to see? This is all part of stepping into the next level version of yourself and it’s a journey we go on as entrepreneurs. We always think, ‘it’s my business that needs to grow’. But actually, it’s you who needs to grow first.

I am talking about this transformation and personal growth with portrait photographer Carrie Roseman on the podcast this week. Carrie is known as ‘The Posemaster’ and she is a photogenic coach. She works with clients who are on a personal growth journey and creates legacy artwork for their walls and their brands.

If you haven’t had a brand photo shoot yet, or not had one for a while, you will find out a lot about what happens during one. Regardless of whether you are considering getting photos of yourself taken, this is a wonderful discussion about how we see ourselves and our personal growth.

We talk about:

  • What pose means and some of the things you can do during a photo shoot
  • Capturing your brand in your photos
  • How you want to be perceived
  • What draws people to us
  • Valuing yourself


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