You are currently viewing Episode 086: Choosing To Be In Your Genius

What do you hear people saying they struggle with that you find really easy? Or things people look at in wonder that you think are ordinary because you’ve been accomplished at them from an early age? 

Often, we don’t realise that the things we’re naturally good at can be hard for other people. When you are naturally good at something it is very easy to minimize that. You tell yourself, ‘everyone can do that, that’s not a thing. That’s not something that people pay money for’. I speak to women who do this all the time. 

You have talents you might be keeping hidden, or that you do not realise are valuable to others. My guest on the podcast this week is Debra Sunderland who is on a mission to awaken people’s genius. Debra challenges leaders by inviting them to create a collaborative, vibrant, responsible, and joy-filled culture, which fosters highly desirable results.

We talk about:

  • Life being play even when you’re at work
  • Not seeing your greatness because it’s easy for you
  • How being an entrepreneur involves learning to be unsafe
  • Sitting with discomfort
  • Our capacity to create


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