You are currently viewing Episode 079: Time Management Now You’re a CEO

Do you long for a freedom lifestyle instead of your business replicating the chaotic weekly schedule you left behind in corporate?

You’re stuck on the hamster wheel. You tell yourself that busy is good, it shows you’re being productive. But are you spending your time working on the right things?

If you are a regular listener of the show you might have been surprised to see the title of this episode because one of the things I almost always say is that I don’t really believe in time management. That’s still the case. 

This week on the podcast I am talking about time management now you’re the CEO, and it’s not about using the Pomodoro Technique or any other systems you might have heard about to get more done in your day.

I talk about:

  • Why you need to embrace leadership to grow your business
  • Feeling uncomfortable about having a team
  • The only 4 things that CEOs should spend time on
  • Setting up your business to run without you
  • Rethinking the way you do your schedule


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