Episode 074: Stepping into Abundance

Abundance can be a loaded word for lots of us. Life doesn’t always feel abundant.

We can grow up full of fear, convinced the world is a hostile place and that we are going to have to fight hard to make something of ourselves.

This week on the podcast I am talking about stepping into abundance after a client got in touch with me following Episode 71 when I discussed what to do if your client is stuck in scarcity. She asked, ‘how do I know if I’m stepping into abundance, or just making really reckless financial decisions in my business?’

It’s such a great question and this is the conversation we’re having this week. 

I discuss:

  • Our understanding of abundance
  • Making key decisions in life and business
  • Beliefs around the choices we make
  • The emotional baggage other people’s responses can create
  • The scarcity women bring to the first years of their businesses

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