You are currently viewing Episode 072: Uplevelling Your Business Without The Growing Pains

When you first start your consulting business, some things seem so hard. You’re busting a gut to sell to lots of clients. You have all the mindset issues you haven’t worked out yet. And you think 6 or 7 figures will never ever happen.

Business growth doesn’t have to be a painful process.

It can often reveal the personal development we need to do on the journey to become the version of ourselves we want and aspire to be.

This week on the podcast I am talking about uplevelling your business without the growing pains and sharing how you can approach challenges in a different way.

I discuss:

  • How we have different types of energy 
  • Situations in which we thrive
  • Working in a way which makes uplevelling feel easier
  • How doing things differently led to more sales in my business
  • Stepping into who you really are


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