You are currently viewing Episode 071: What Should I Do When My Client Or Prospective Client Is Stuck In Scarcity?

Are you talking to someone who is not sure they can afford to work with you? Or do you have a client who you’re talking about next steps with, and the investment involved, but they are holding back?

You know you can help them. You know they need to make the leap. But you suspect they are stuck in scarcity, the fear that the things we need or want will run out, that others will be critical or hostile towards us, and the fear that everyone out there is just waiting to shoot us down.

It’s frustrating. This week on the podcast I am talking about what you do when you’re talking to a client or a prospective client, and you sense they are stuck in scarcity.

I discuss:

  • How people can be at a different level of abundance
  • The disconnect that can happen when a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset meet
  • Building resilience in business
  • How developing client relationships is like dating
  • Options for how you respond to your client’s mindset


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