You are currently viewing Episode 069: Leadership and Decision-Making Now You’re the CEO of your Consulting Business

If you’ve spent time in a corporate workplace you will know that leadership and management are not the same. Woe betide the team who end up with a manager when what they really need is a leader!

Being the CEO of your consulting business is probably one of the biggest personal development journeys you will ever go on.

We can often feel like we’re at the mercy of our businesses. It seems as if the workload just happens to us. When it’s out of control we tell ourselves we need to keep saying yes to the high volume of low paid work that comes our way because we’re in that place of scarcity when it comes to the money flowing into the business.

But when you are the CEO of your consulting business, everything you end up doing comes down to what you are choosing to say yes to. You don’t want to manage the status quo and put up with high volume, low paid work. You want to be a leader – someone who sees a solution where you don’t just settle for what’s in front of you, you aspire to something better.

This week on the podcast I am talking about leadership and decision-making now you’re the CEO.

I talk about:

  • Whether you are being the manager or the leader in your business
  • Your most powerful tool as a leader
  • How to make positive decisions
  • Accepting that you will get things wrong
  • Why we change course in our businesses


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