You are currently viewing Episode 040: Is It Really Possible To Work Less and Earn More In Your Consulting Business?

The narrative around growing a business suggests that in the beginning things are quiet and you have lots of time on your hands but you don’t have much money coming in. And then as it grows, the amount of money coming in gets bigger, but the amount of time you have available gets increasingly smaller. And because of that, your workload and the pace the business moves at are continually increasing. You know, the hamster on the wheel, it just runs with its little paws faster and faster.

But this does not have to be the case for your consulting business at all.

In this podcast episode I explore the myths around running your own business, and why they don’t apply to a consulting business, plus:

  • Why consulting is one of the easiest businesses to get started, and grow rapidly to a six-figure income.
  • Why working more will only earn more up to a point.
  • How to keep growing your business even after you’re fully booked.
  • Why taking on a team isn’t always the smartest way to scale.
  • How your hard-working attitude could actually be causing you problems.
  • What high-achieving really looks like in a consulting business.


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