You are currently viewing Episode 037: Should I Work With Someone Who Isn’t An Ideal Client?

In the middle of the Covid crisis, many of us are in an uncertain season, a ‘between Winters’ stage and we don’t exactly know how things will play out in the months ahead.

This uncertainty can cause a sense of scarcity, even desperation, and a feeling that we should take on any and all work offered to us, even if it isn’t the work we would usually do.

I encourage my clients to have an Ideal Client in mind for their consulting services. If there’s a type of business you prefer to work with, or a kind of work you prefer to do, it makes sense to focus on attracting more of this.

But what do you do if you get asked to work with someone who doesn’t fit your idea of an Ideal Client, especially now, when we may be feeling uncertain about the future of our economy.

That’s the topic I’m exploring in this week’s podcast episode, including:

  • Why you might be feeling more tempted than ever to work with people who don’t fit your Ideal Client criteria.
  • Why having an Ideal Client brief or avatar is important for your business
  • How to know which opportunities to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to
  • How to know when your initial ‘no’ reaction is sensible judgement, or fear of your own limits
  • And how to use requests from non-Ideal Clients as inspiration for additional revenue streams.

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