The Six Elements

of a Seven Figure Business

You've reached 6 figures in your business.

You're booked out with clients! It's great, but...

There's never any time any more.

Time for your friends and family is at a premium. And you can forget having time for yourself, it feels like a distant memory.

You know your business has the potential to grow, but you feel stuck, and there’s no time to figure out how to scale as you are already spending every available hour serving your clients.

And that's where I come in

I’m Jessica Fearnley and I spent my corporate career in Project Management and Business Development, and during my time as Business Manager for a start-up company, helped transform a 6 figure consultancy firm into a 7 figure profit machine.

In this PDF report, I’ve mapped out the 6 elements your consultancy needs to make the shift from a nice little 6-figure lifestyle business to a serious 7-figure enterprise.

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