Your Feelings About Your Consulting Business Can Lead You Astray – Here’s What To Focus On Instead

Your Feelings About Your Consulting Business Can Lead You Astray – Here’s What To Focus On Instead

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Consultants, how you feel about your business often bears little resemblance to how your business is actually going.

I’m not saying you’re wrong to feel one way or the other.

I am saying often, our internal barometer of what is going on in a business gives us faulty readings.

I see this happen with my private coaching clients all the time.

They’ll arrive on a coaching call, pleased that everything’s going really well at the moment, they’ve accomplished something, like updating their website, and they feel really positive.

But when we look at their pipeline, we can see they’re headed towards trouble, and they need to get out there, get some leads, and have some conversations.

Or equally, a client might be really low energy in a session with me and they’re feeling really discouraged about how the business is going. It feels like everything is a struggle and nothing feels like it’s getting results.

And then we look at the spreadsheet and notice that they had their best month to date last month, and they hadn’t even noticed.

Your feelings aren’t always the best indicator of how things are going in your business.

So instead, I get my private coaching clients to focus on financials. We build out a spreadsheet so we can see at a glance what is coming in and going on, what is planned for the next month, next quarter, the rest of the year.

The business financial reports are always the most helpful metric. If you get one report from your accountant – get the profit and loss statement and review it regularly.

When we combine the information on profit and loss so far, with the forecast of what’s in the pipeline, we can get a better indication of how the business is really doing – and often how my client feels about their business changes as a result.

Profit is just one of the six essential elements for a seven figure business.

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And I’d love to hear from you – have you ever found yourself busy doing all the ‘wrong’ things in your consulting business?

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