How To Recharge in a Demanding Phase of Your Business Post-Covid

How To Recharge in a Demanding Phase of Your Business Post-Covid

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After almost three months of disruption, my children have returned to their normal childcare. It’s tempting to switch up a gear or two to ‘full steam ahead’ and take full advantage of the space it’s created in my schedule.

But something I have also noticed is the sluggishness, brain fog, trouble concentrating.

I feel like ‘I’m free! I can work!’ and at the same time I could fall in a heap on the floor after such an intense phase during lockdown. I’m so tired deep in my bones that maybe rushing headlong into an intense season of work genuinely isn’t the best idea.

Lockdown has affected EVERYONE to some degree – and even if you’ve found you got into the groove quite soon after it started and you were able to adapt – that doesn’t mean it had no impact on you.

One of the hardest things about lockdown was that there was no warning, and no option.

I had moments where I didn’t feel strong, but I had to be strong for the kids. And that ‘keeping going’ and coping, that can be something that goes on in the background and affects us without us even noticing day to day.

Lockdown has been hard for all of us – and it’s worth asking ourselves – how am I actually doing? How am I feeling?

What do I really need right now? Is it a return to full steam ahead working? Or is it maybe the right moment to be looking at your daily life and making some changes?

However your business is going – there is a huge amount to contend with behind the scenes emotionally. 

In this podcast episode I’m exploring the question: How do you re-energise in a hard phase of your business?

In this episode I discuss:

  • Identifying what you want ‘normal’ to look like from now on
  • Choosing what you want to keep from the lockdown experience
  • 5 things you can start doing right now to recharge yourself ready for the next phase.

🎧  Listen to the full episode here – 030 How To Recharge in a Demanding Phase of Business

And tell me – have you taken time to recharge and recuperate after the last three months of challenges? What has helped you feel restored and re-energized?

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