Presenting Yourself With Confidence In Person and Online

Presenting Yourself With Confidence In Person and Online

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How do you decide what to wear to client meetings? In-person or via video chat?

Often as consultants, we know that we’re really good at what we do, we are the expert in our field. But it can be really difficult to be confident in the way that we present ourselves. We want our appearance to affirm that we are who we say we are, and we can do the things that we say we can do. 

If you’re a professional woman, particularly as a consultant, going to a client’s workplace, you wonder what you have to wear to be taken seriously. Do you have to wear a business suit? Or is that too corporate? As consultants we also want to appear approachable and non-threatening. And if we’re going to be wearing something all day, it needs to be comfortable so we can focus on our work. Sometimes the clothes that look absolutely striking, they’re not always the things that make us feel, you know, energized and comfortable enough to actually be able to deliver things.

So how do we get the balance right between comfortable but too informal, and impressive but too….well too everything really – too distracting, too bright, too intimidating.

In this podcast episode, I interviewed Tracy Hooper, a personal stylist who helps professional women create a style that helps them stand out, look great and make an impact. 

We talked about the impact personal styling can have on our confidence and performance as consultants, including:

  • How a stylist will work with you to create an authentic look that reflects who you are (they’re not going to hijack your appearance)
  • The role your clothing plays in building relationships, and the problems with going too bold, or too corporate
  • The different ways you can create your own signature look, including examples of people getting this right
  • What you should avoid wearing on Zoom calls
  • How Tracy works with her clients to build a wardrobe that works for them, building many outfits from a handful of garments

🎧  Listen to the full episode here – 031 Presenting Yourself With Confidence

And tell us – do you have different outfits for in-person meetings vs video-chat meetings?

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