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Women Consultants, Here’s How To Really Grow Your Business

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I’m proud to share that my private coaching clients have seen some big leaps forward in their businesses recently. And it’s all because we’ve been addressing their mindset issues FIRST – before jumping into strategy.

One went from feeling hopeless in her business to realising that 100K turnover was really not very far out of her reach. Others have increased their day rates, stepped up their services in line with their expertise, and made leaps forward in understanding where value lies (it’s not a question of whether you are physically in a room with someone when you deliver your service).

And I definitely notice that when I speak to women who are more on the entrepreneur side of things, our conversation is often more about picking up the pieces after they’ve done some of the mass-sold online courses with the big name gurus.

They say, ‘they told me I should do an online course, but no one bought it. They said it was easy to build an online business’. I reply, ‘I know they did. But it isn’t easy is it?’ So often we feel like what we really need is help with the strategy. We want someone to give us the key, to tell us how to make building a business work.

It doesn’t take long to pick up some effective strategies for bringing in consulting clients.

But if your issue is that actually you don’t truly believe deep down that you are good enough to be a consultant, or that clients will always be scarce, or that you have to work with whoever comes your way, or even that you will never be able to make or hold onto money – this will always trump whatever strategy you try to put in place.

If you haven’t got the female entrepreneur online business baggage, and you’re coming to this fresh, you might not have really given mindset much thought before. If that’s you, I really want to encourage you to make it a central part of your business growth plan.

When you work on your mindset, you start to find solutions. And the great thing is, they won’t be someone else’s solutions. They are YOURS.

And this is why I am discussing mindset on the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast this episode.

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I talk about:

●     When you don’t truly believe you are good enough to be a consultant

●     What happens when we want our prospective clients to validate us

●     What you need to remember when thinking about who your ideal clients are

●     Beliefs around what people will pay

●     Some of my clients’ stories

🎧 Head here to listen to the full episode – 055 Mindset Before Strategy – How To Really Grow Your Business

Let me know, is value an issue you struggle within your business?

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