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Women Consultants, Do You Struggle To See New Opportunities?

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Sometimes the world can feel really big, and we can feel really small. Opportunities feel few and far between. We focus on all the other billions of people on the planet and it is all too easy to think, ‘why should that company pick me?’

This way of thinking is what’s known as a scarcity mindset, and it is a really discouraging place to be. One of the biggest elements of a scarcity mindset is that money is limited and will always run out.

If you’ve never come across this before, it might sound strange. But if you are approaching your business from a place of scarcity you will start to ‘hear yourself’ think these things.

Building your awareness of your scarcity narrative is the first step towards starting to shift to something better. Scarcity won’t help you build your business – what you actually want is an abundance mindset.

I don’t know if the word ‘abundance’ is a bit of a loaded word for you. It certainly was for me when I first came across this way of thinking at the start of my own business. But with an abundance mindset, it is all about seeing the opportunities in front of you.

The world doesn’t have to be a place that is big and foreboding. It is a place that is full of potential successes for you. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle that you can’t win because you are capable of facing the challenges in front of you.

And money doesn’t have to be hard to come by, or something that runs out. Money can appear with ease. It is something that’s renewable. Even if it runs out you can create more.

It could be that initially you find yourself feeling sceptical about switching scarcity for abundance but it’s a really valuable skill to have. It starts to be something that you do on autopilot. You highlight the moment where scarcity comes into your interpretation of the world and replace it with something more energising.

When you find yourself in a place where you aren’t charging what your services are truly worth, and you haven’t put the right professional boundaries in place with your clients, it’s almost always because your beliefs about the world and your place in it fall more on the scarcity side of the diagram than the abundance side.

But when you work on your mindset, you won’t need someone to tell you to raise your prices because you’ll suddenly see how much more you should be charging. You won’t need to be told you need to have more boundaries with your clients, because you’ll see the ways you’re unconsciously setting up a scenario based on fear rather than confidence, and the knock-on effect this has for your clients.

Let me know, are you actively working on your mindset?

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