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Women Consultants, Are You Being Someone You’re Not?

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Are you trying to master something you think you should be able to do in your consulting business right now? You’re taking a new training course to learn how to do it.

It’s yet another hat, yet another activity that takes you away from what you really want to be doing. You can do it, so why shouldn’t you.

Sometimes we can build our whole businesses like this. You have to become someone else in order to make it work. Perhaps, a person who does a lot of public speaking, or a person who manages all the projects, when you would much rather be delivering.

The business is great – as long as you show up as this other version of yourself.

But the cracks start to show longer term, because it takes a lot of energy and effort to always have to be a version of yourself that doesn’t resonate.

You might find you are procrastinating. Or that you have to really psych yourself up to go into a meeting, walk on stage, or pick up the phone.

You’re not in flow and there is a cost to this. It zaps your energy and fulfilment. You work at a slower pace and you feel every inch of the struggle along the way. When you are in flow, you are 5x more productive than when you’re out of flow. That is the equivalent of achieving a week’s work in a single day.

One of the reasons I love working through the Wealth Dynamics framework with my clients is that it can provide an understanding of why we don’t feel fulfilled by our businesses sometimes. As you can see there are 8 profiles arranged in a square.

I used to be a project manager and a lightbulb went on for me when I saw my Wealth Dynamics profile. Project managers are typically Accumulators and Traders. They have the balance of detail and timing. They are the bottom and bottom-left on the diagram. But I’m a Creator. That is the top centre profile on the square and it’s literally the diametric opposite of a Trader.

I’m not an all rounder. I’m a strong Dynamo frequency which is all about creativity, ideas, big picture thinking and generally that ability to see things as they should be not as they are. With a secondary frequency of Blaze which is about people and relationships. If you were to draw a diagram of who wouldn’t make a natural project manager you would draw mine.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t do project management. I could. In fact I was really good at it. But it wasn’t a role where I was in flow. I didn’t know that at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

If you would like insight into where you are in flow, or what is pulling you out of it, then the Wealth Dynamics test is a real eye opener. It’s amazing how much information can come from such a simple test.

I have a special offer for you as a reader of the Seven Figure Consultant newsletter. You can take the Wealth Dynamics test for $97. You will get a detailed 36 page PDF report about your specific profile.

If you are thinking about working with a coach like me in 2022, or even just ready to dip your toe into what could be possible when you work with a business coach, this is an amazing way to explore this and start to uncover your results.

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