Why Women Consultants Need To Be Prepared For The Reality of Their Bigger Business After A Season of Growth

Why Women Consultants Need To Be Prepared For The Reality of Their Bigger Business After A Season of Growth

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When I hit six figures it’ll be so much easier.

I’ll cut down on my hours when I reach the next income goal.

I’ll be less stressed when I’ve doubled my revenue.

I hear women say things like this all the time.

As if after hitting 6 figures or 7 figures in their business they’ll reach this state of business nirvana and everything will just operate really smoothly from then on with no stress or issues. 

But you may have heard that business adage, ‘New level, new devil’, and I have to say, unfortunately this usually ends up being true. When you grow your business you can end up with a whole load of new problems you’ve never had before.

I know of several high profile business owners who have experienced significant mental health issues because of the stress that growing their business caused them.

And I think we have to guard against that simplistic belief that a bigger business = more money = all my problems go away.

Especially if you haven’t had money before.

It’s so easy to assume it’s the best thing ever, but seriously. Money can be a lot of hassle! Keeping it secure, making the right investments, making sure you’re not vulnerable to multiple taxation, suddenly having more stuff and a bigger house and even the opportunities for change it can bring. The level of decisions you have to make when you have a ton more options available.

It can bring about a huge amount of change in a short space of time – it’s not all unicorns and Teslas and rainbows.

Money isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on.

Yes, it’s important, but at the same time, you can build other goals into every stage of growth in your business.

And I think this is often the best way to design the blueprint for your business.

Some women want a freedom lifestyle and to work as little as possible. Especially if you’re working around kids or health issues, or both.

Some women want to build a strong network and maintain a visible presence in certain events or groups.

Some women want to fund their retirement or enable their partner or spouse to be able to stop working.

Some women want to travel more, or travel less.

Some women want a business they can sell some day.

Whatever feels important to you in terms of what you want your life to be like, it’s important to build your business in a way that enables THAT.

Seven figures is the size of business that often starts to achieve a lot of those things, which is why I made that the focus of my podcast, aptly named, The Seven Figure Consultant Podcast.

Tell me, what’s the next big milestone you’re aiming for with your consulting business? Is it based around a financial goal or more what that money will do for you?

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