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Why Trying To Trim Your Ambition Doesn’t Work

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Do you feel like your business is demanding more from you than you have to give?

You have ambition but it feels so hard right now and so you start cutting back. You try to maintain the business with you doing everything and it’s exhausting. While making things smaller is an option available to you, you will end up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled because you’re ALMOST on the road to your dream business, but you won’t give yourself permission to actually do it on the scale you want to.

Growth is a natural pattern in life. A tree will keep getting bigger – it’s what it’s designed to do. But if you plant a young tree in a small pot, it will outgrow the pot. You could say that you can just prune the tree to keep it the size you want but that tree is never going to stop trying to grow. If you cut off the branches you don’t want it’ll just grow more to replace them.

That’s a really good picture of what it’s like when you have a strong ambition but you try to contain yourself within a business that’s too small for you. You could keep trimming everything back, but you can’t trim your ambition or keep it in check. And I’ve spoken to so many women who have that powerful drive for more – but they’re trying to keep it pruned back.

A growing tree needs a bigger pot. Ideally it needs to be in a plot of land where there’s space for it to get to the size it was always meant to be.

We can feel uncomfortable with our ambition, but as high achieving women, it’s important to own this and see the potential we have to not just cover our living costs and pay the mortgage with a 9 to 5, but make a real impact on the world. 

You can make the world a better place through your consulting services. You can effect real change in your industry and for the companies you work with – and the ripple effect of this is that you make life better for other people with better systems, better projects, better decision making, better working conditions, better results.

You can also provide opportunities for others directly through hiring them to help run your business and deliver your service. 

And you can use the wealth you generate to show kindness and concern to others, and to provide for those who were dealt a different hand and can’t provide for themselves.

When you really tap into this, you’re never going to look at your business – or the world the same way.

And you’re never going to decide that the only option for you is to make yourself and your business smaller in order to feel more in control of it.

Let me know, what’s your bigger picture for your business?

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