Why Procrastination Can Be So Hard To Beat As An Entrepreneur

Procrastination is consistently the number one problem that entrepreneurs have when it comes to productivity.

And it’s not difficult to see why.

As entrepreneurs our work time can be unstructured at the best of times.

You may not have enjoyed having your priorities dictated to you when you had a 9-5, but it feels a little different once you’re out there doing your own thing.

And the pressure to get it right can be huge. After all – if you don’t complete the right tasks then you might not actually get paid!

But often, our struggles with time management are not primarily due to our busy schedules, or balancing conflicting demands in our businesses.

I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear me say it – we struggle with procrastination out of FEAR.

So often as entrepreneurs, we dream big dreams, and make plans for our businesses that require a lot of hard work to accomplish.

But the gap between the business plan and the reality of creating success in our businesses can be paralysing.

It can be really discouraging when a project we have been dreaming up – whether it’s a course or programme, a passive income product, an offer we are SURE our audience will love – seems to fall flat.

We launch what we’ve been cooking up, but the result can be far from what we imagined.

And although we build resilience over time – we can start to pull back from these big ‘TA DA!’ moments, because we learn from experience that they aren’t always met with the enthusiasm that we dreamed they would be.

It’s not hard to see how that translates into a greater desire to procrastinate.

If we can just eke out that precious dream of our success a little longer, we can put off the disappointment that could follow turning the plan into reality.

You don’t need me to tell you that that’s insane, right??

When it’s down in black and white in front of you, we can see so clearly that this is self-sabotage in its greatest form.

But we so often let it play out in our day to day lives.

Being ‘too busy’ for tasks we know will have the BIGGEST impact on our businesses.

Having a big project on the go that we aren’t moving forward with because we can’t bring ourselves to take the first step.

Putting off our plans like this isn’t self-protection. It’s self-destructive.

Because even if the worst happens – our big plan fails and we feel like we have to start back at square one.

You are never starting back at square one because you learn so much every time you try something and fail.

Every step is a step forward, whether it achieves what you hoped it would or not.

We only fail when we stop trying.

So if you feel the same, and you’re fed up of letting your productivity be stalled by procrastination, I would love to help.

In the last year I have been balancing my business around 3 house moves, looking after a toddler, plus pregnancy and the birth of my second baby. I have worked fewer hours than ever before in my business, but I’ve had my most profitable year to date.