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Women Consultants, We Need To Find One Another

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What’s the point of connecting with other women consultants?

Why do you need to be part of a bigger group?

Because these connections will impact how you conduct yourself in business and accordingly, how you are treated. 

One thing that has really been a surprise for me while running my business coaching female consultants, is how many women there are out there in the world, who are either in the process of setting up their own independent consulting business, or are already consulting under their own independent brand, but who don’t yet feel part of a cohesive group of women consultants.

It never fails to amaze me that there can be so many amazing women who work as consultants and are building consultancy firms who just do not realise that there are other women out there just like them.

They’re facing all the questions, doubts, challenges and struggles on their own, without the support, inspiration and collaboration they could get from their peers.

So in this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I’m addressing this very question.

In this podcast episode we explore:

  • The mindset battles and personal circumstances that are more likely to hold women back than men.
  • The opportunities for networking and collaboration that exist when you stop viewing other women consultants as your competition.
  • The latent benefits you enjoy when other women overcome fear and obstacles.

🎧  Head here to listen to this episode in full: 042 – Women Consultants Need To Find One Another

Do you feel an awareness of other women consultants and feel part of a cohesive business-building community?

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