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The Power Of Copywriting Formulas To Cut Down Time And Increase Creativity In Your Writing

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A B2B consulting model is about relationships and we build these through phone calls, personal emails, you might event write letters. However, once you start scaling, for instance by selling an online course or a group programme, you will need to communicate more widely.

This is where your copywriting skills come into play. Whether you love or hate copywriting, it matters what you say because you can see a direct link to how well an email performs and who clicks and buys after reading it. 

If this is something you struggle with, then there are copywriting formulas you can use and you can experiment with how you approach copywriting. It’s also something you can hand over to a professional copywriter.

I love to write, I really enjoy it. However, as the principal consultant in my business, I know that it doesn’t make sense for me to do all the writing in my business. It’s the same for you. 

In this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast my guest is Kim Kiel, a direct response strategist and founder of boutique copywriting agency Kim Kiel Copy. With 15+ years of writing multi-6-figure campaigns for small businesses and non-profits, Kim helps brainy brands and experts share their gifts and positive impact with the world.

We talk about:

●     Knowing when you need to outsource your copywriting

●     Using email when you are launching a course

●     Common copywriting mistakes people make on their websites

●     Copywriting formulas you can use to make writing easier

●     Whether it’s best to wait until inspiration strikes or to make a habit of writing

🎧 Head here to listen to this episode in full 63 – The power of copywriting formulas to cut down time and increase creativity in your writing.

Let me know, do you love or hate copywriting for your business?

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