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The Biggest Challenge Facing Women Consultants Is That We Don’t See Our Value – And This Has To Change

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When did you last ‘see’ yourself?

Have you ever been surprised by someone else’s perception of you? They’ve seen you in a totally different way to how you see yourself?

My life was changed by a woman who saw something in me that I had overlooked.

Until recently I haven’t talked about this much, but when I was a teenager I decided I’d like to be a rock star. Some friends and I started a rock band and for several years we played gigs in and around London.

I had excellent grades in school but I decided not to apply to university.

Instead I took a low paying hospital administration job, and performed with my rock band in the evenings and weekends

And that was how I saw myself. Inexperienced, unskilled, at the bottom of the admin team’s hierarchy.

Until a new manager arrived, took me to one side and said ‘I see real potential in you and I’m going to do everything I can to help you’.

I was quite surprised by that because at that time I didn’t see any potential in myself.

She promoted me to a senior role within the department quite quickly. Then created a Project Management role within that team for me. 

And honestly? It was life-changing.

She showed me I was worth investing in. And when I did go to university, my project management experience elevated my career aspirations for the other side of graduation.

Now I work with women every day, who are overlooking their own potential. And a big part of the work I do with my private coaching clients is helping these women to realise they are allowed to dream big. And they MORE THAN have the credentials to back up their ambitions.

Taking on the gender pay gap in the consulting world

As women who are self-employed as independent consultants it’s up to us to tackle the gender pay gap in the consulting world.

There are men out there doing the same work as you (maybe not even to the same standard), charging two or three times your rate.

I’ve spoken to too many women who use minimum wage as the benchmark for what they charge. They don’t feel confident about charging for their consulting services, so they charge the least they can.

And they not only undercharge, they overdeliver as standard.

I help them acknowledge their skills and experience, and begin charging a rate that reflects their position in the marketplace (often among the best in their field).

I help them see the potential that is already there.

They could do this without my help.

They could do a realistic audit of their skills, knowledge and experience. Of the value they’ve delivered to past clients. Of the current market rates.

If you haven’t done that recently, go do that now (or when you’ve finished reading this newsletter).

It is entirely possible to identify and unlock our own potential.

But it’s something we struggle to do.

We’ve had a lifetime of messages telling us not to be too bossy. Or put ourselves forward. Or get ideas above our station.

We’ve worked in environments where women are ranked according to attractiveness rather than ability.

We’ve been told that to be more successful we need to behave like men.

The rising tide that lifts all boats

Now making a realistic assessment of our own value is difficult.

So if you can’t see the potential in yourself, maybe you can see it in another woman.

Maybe you can shine a light on what she does well. The skills she has. The value she brings.

Women are at their best not when they try to behave like men, but when they come together as women.

When this happens they collaborate, help each other out, and raise each other up.

I’m forever grateful to the woman who saw the potential in me, and the many women (and men) since who have been part of my career and business journey.

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