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With Jessica Fearnley

Welcome to the 7 Figure Consultant Podcast, the show that takes you from booked up and burned out in your consulting business to THRIVING as the CEO of your 7 figure enterprise

Yes – you read that right!

It really is possible to earn more money from your business, by working less. In fact, these two things go hand in hand.

Jessica Fearnley is here to show you how you can work less and earn more in your business.

A lot of the content out there can feel like it is either speaking to people still fully in the corporate world, or to entrepreneurs with purple hair who work in their pyjamas and drop the f-bomb every other sentence.

Neither of these boxes feel like quite the right fit when you’re a consultant because you sit in both camps – corporate AND entrepreneur – and actually sort of between them, so in this podcast we talk about the issues that make sense for YOU.

We’re making a new box. And no one is going to be calling you a ‘boss babe’!

Tune into the 7 Figure Consultant Podcast and let’s start the conversation about how YOU can work less and earn more in your consulting business today.

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    The last episode was about navigating through a crisis, so in this episode, we unpack that more as the situation with the Coronavirus develops, and the knock-on effects become more clear. The theme of this episode is really – Moving on from a crisis, and what we can be doing next.

    This week’s episode wasn’t what we originally had on the schedule, but now seems like the right time to discuss this – navigating your business through uncertain times. There’s disruption, chaos, and fear around us, but we do have the capacity to respond, adjust and move on.

    This episode is all about that ‘booked up and burned out’ stage of a consulting business that we often find ourselves in when our turnover is in the low 6 figures, and what you can do to comfortably go beyond this.

    It is entirely possible to grow your consulting business too quickly. It’s not uncommon, and it is hugely overwhelming. However you achieved phenomenal growth, this podcast is for you.

    Many of us became consultants because we are experts in a particular field – but that isn’t enough to guarantee success. We must also become experts in selling. In this podcast episode I’m talking to Leah Neaderthal, sales coach for women entrepreneurs and consultants.

    The Number 1 Networking Mistake Consultants Make – And How To Avoid It. Today’s episode is one of my favourite business topics to talk about because it’s a real paradigm shifter when it comes to networking and sales.

    You’re self-employed as a consultant. You’re the boss. Surely if you want to reduce your working hours, it’s easy – just work fewer hours. Job done.
    If only it were that simple. In this episode we explore how you can work less and earn more.

    I recently posted a discussion prompt on Linkedin asking whether people felt that investing in their business was a high risk activity. The results were fairly mixed, so in this episode I’m looking at the need for us to balance risk and caution as we build our businesses, and the ways in which we can get this wrong.

    In this week’s podcast, I welcomed my very first guest interviewee, Dylis Guyan. Dylis is an international B2B sales and marketing leader, mentor, speaker and podcast host. Get a pen and paper handy because this episode is a treasure chest of advice for consultants looking to land more corporate business.

    So often, when women hit the six-figure income mark, and look to stretch themselves to the next level, this is an area where all kinds of mindset issues can come into play. Shouldn’t it be enough to go for 6 figures, why do I want to go for 7 figures? In this episode we look at key motivators beyond money.

    As we head into a new decade I’ve been reflecting on what I’d like to take with me, and what I’d like to leave behind. In this episode I’m sharing three things that I have no space or time for in 2020, and I’m encouraging you to do the same.

    When I’ve started talking about the issue of the gender pay gap for consultants, lots of women have said they didn’t realise this was a thing. In this episode I’m talking more about the gender pay gap for independent consultants, and what we can all do about that, right now.

    At the end of the year I like to do a big review and reflection on how my business has been doing during the year. And how I’ve been doing. In this episode I share three tiny changes that have had a profound impact on me and my business.

    In this episode we look at: Why independent consulting is especially suited to women; the 4 main reasons women struggle as independent consultants; how women are at least partly responsible for the gender pay gap; and what we can do about that.

    Do you live in fear of building a team in your business? Have you been putting it off for as long as possible? I hear you – it’s a big step to take. It raises the stakes to build a team in your business. It isn’t something you should do lightly, but when you do it well it can be the biggest asset in your business.

    In the early days, you can chop and change things in your business until you find your zone of genius, and you really start to make money in a way you haven’t before. Until one day, it starts to level off. You’ve hit the dreaded plateau. In this episode we explore why that happens, and what you can do about it.

    Do you have the right business model for your business at the moment? If there’s a problem with the model, you will see this play out in your business. It impacts your turnover, your profit, your day-to-day experience of running your business. It doesn’t get more foundational than this!

    Are you scaling towards success or chaos? If you can scale your business successfully, that is the stuff that dreams are made of. In this episode we explore how to build a business that gets easier to operate as it gets larger.

    If you’re a consultant with your own business, looking to scale to a 7 figure turnover without the drama, you will love what we’re going to be covering. Maybe right now it’s just you in the business, or you may have a small team on the go already…

    Welcome to the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, the show that takes you from booked up and burnt out to thriving as the CEO of your seven figure enterprise. I’m Jessica Fearnley and I’m here to show you how you can work less and earn more in your business.