Is It Really Possible To Work Less and Earn More In Your Consulting Business?

Is It Really Possible To Work Less and Earn More In Your Consulting Business?

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The narrative around growing a business suggests that in the beginning things are quiet and you have lots of time on your hands but you don’t have much money coming in. And then as it grows, the amount of money coming in gets bigger, but the amount of time you have available gets increasingly smaller. And because of that, your workload and the pace the business moves at are continually increasing. You know, the hamster on the wheel, it just runs with its little paws faster and faster.

But this actually sets up a false expectation for everything that happens in your consulting business from this point onwards.

Often what I find with my clients is that they were able to pick up their first clients fairly quickly – this is often the case with a consulting model – and it doesn’t take long to reach six figures. 

Because all they needed was a laptop and the connections, skills and experience they already had, starting a consulting business was pretty straight forward.

And then for a while, the harder they’re working, the more money they make. It seems that the success of their business is directly linked to how many hours they are prepared to make available.  

But what has been the business’s biggest success, actually becomes its biggest weakness.

Because a business that is built around continually expanding your capacity will always reach a dead end – a revenue ceiling that doesn’t seem to budge however hard you try to break through it.

And the way to grow your business BEYOND this point is to go back to the drawing board and design a way of making money in your business that enables you to work LESS, not more.

In this podcast episode I explore the myths around running your own business, and why they don’t apply to a consulting business, plus:

  • Why consulting is one of the easiest businesses to get started, and grow rapidly to a six-figure income.
  • Why working more will only lead to earning more up to a point.
  • How to keep growing your business even after you’re fully booked.
  • Why taking on a team isn’t always the smartest way to scale.
  • How your hard-working attitude could actually be causing you problems.
  • What high-achieving really looks like in a consulting business.

🎧  Head here to listen to the full episode – 040 Is It Really Possible To Work Less and Earn More in Your Consultant Business?

And tell me, has your consulting business hit that ‘fully booked’ revenue ceiling yet?

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