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How To Sell To Corporate Clients in Uncertain Times

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What to do if your consulting client utters the dreaded: “We don’t know if we’re going to be able to keep you onboard”

In uncertain times it’s part of human nature to contract, shrink, tighten spending, cancel plans, feel apprehensive about the future.

If you AND your client are both feeling that way, then a little uncertainty on their part can quickly lead to the end of your contract.

But it’s important you take the lead in these situations. 

They may be saying “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep you on” right now, but that doesn’t mean they definitely will drop you.

It just means that they’re in a space of uncertainty.

When I interviewed sales coach, Catherine Watkin, last month, she encouraged consultants to take the lead in these situations and not just be a passive listener in these conversations.

“Be prepared to have a very open and honest conversation.

You’re not sure if you’re going to be keeping me on. What does that mean?

Could you give me a little bit more information about where you’re at and what you think might be affecting that?”

Don’t panic if you have this conversation with your client.

A few weeks ago after the initial announcement about lockdown, there were some very hasty decisions made. 

One of my clients was let go and then rehired the week later.

There will be more peaks in uncertainty, and more hasty decisions.

If you can respond calmly, with questions and seek to understand, rather than assume they will no longer be working with you, you can leave the relationship intact, and give them a bridge to come back over.

We also discussed:

  • How to keep selling without feeling like you’re profiteering
  • The importance of taking the lead in sales conversations
  • How you can connect with the value you bring, so you can have better sales conversations
  • The simple, yet powerful offer you can make instead of postponing/cancelling live events and workshops.

🎧  You can listen to the full interview here – Episode 024 Selling To Corporates in Uncertain Times with Catherine Watkin 

And tell me, have any of your clients had a wobble over the last few weeks? Have you been able to keep working with them, or at least keep in touch?

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