My pulse started racing.

I couldn’t believe how much what I was reading so perfectly captured how the last few months of running my business had felt.

Frustrating. Slow. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I must be doing something wrong, and I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the business plan I had written only months earlier.

It was like the person writing could see inside my head.

And they had the perfect solution to my problems! It was like a light at the end of the tunnel at last! And this time, I was sure it would totally work!

I don’t know if you can relate to this experience.

It’s a cycle I’ve seen people with online businesses repeat over and over again, and it’s not difficult to see how it happens.

Starting a business is hard. There is so much talk about the online space being the perfect setting for a 6 figure business that you can set up out of the box, but you don’t find out until you try it that there’s SO much more to it.

And because so many of us go into online businesses believing what we’re often told about it being easy, it is a horrible shock when reality bites.

After all, being an entrepreneur takes some getting used to.  We have more freedom than we’ve ever had, but sometimes you find yourself missing that boss who tells you what to do all the time, or your fixed monthly pay packet that just shows up in your account whether you deliver the goods or not that week.

So we end up desperately searching for the magic solution that will help us fix it all and get back on track with the business we were supposed to have.

If I can just do…. [insert your magic solution here], my perfect business will fall right into my lap.

Whether it’s investing in a high level coach, joining a flagship course, running Facebook ads, going on a visualising and manifesting retreat… it is so easy to believe that spending the money will lead us to the results we are dreaming of.

But as any entrepreneur worth their salt will tell you, there is truly ONLY ONE THING that will ever make any difference to the success of your business.

Stop looking for the secret sauce. The short cut. The easy way to success.

I’m not saying never work with a coach, or join a programme, or run Facebook ads.

But don’t mistake paying out money for putting in the hours.

Don’t believe the people out there who tell you if you just invest £5K or £10K, or whatever large sum they are asking you for, that everything in your business will change.

It will change when you start showing up consistently, implementing the things you have learned rather than just buying another course. When you realise that the answer to your problems isn’t outside of you, and you can trust yourself enough to stick with the solution you already found, instead of just tearing it up and starting over with something different for the hundredth time.

When I stopped looking for the magic solution, my business started to change.  My panic turned into focus.  My despair turned into determination.

It might take longer than you planned to get your business to where you want it, but if you listen carefully, almost everyone out there who has a successful business built it over a matter of years, not weeks.

You’re on the path you were meant to be on.

So stop looking for the secret sauce, and let’s get some work done.