You are currently viewing Finding Your True Voice as a Woman in Consulting, with Tracy Goodwin

Finding Your True Voice as a Woman in Consulting, with Tracy Goodwin

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One of the most powerful assets we have as women consultants, and one that is so often overlooked, is our voice. 

Whether you are on a sales call, making a proposal pitch, giving a speech, or contributing to a project meeting, your voice matters. And yet so often, we do things which reduce the power of our voices. 

You want to show you have something to say which is going to benefit the person or people you are talking to, but at the same time you are probably thinking that you don’t want to come across as too dominant.

Perhaps you were always told that children are seen and not heard and that message about blending into the background has stayed with you. Or maybe you always found that when you said an idea in your corporate life it was ignored, but when a man said something similar a short while later, it was picked up. 

Your voice is part of your authority. You can convey to people that you are worth listening to in the way you present your voice and let it speak. 

This week my guest on the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast is Tracy Goodwin, an internationally known voice command coach and voice analyst. She helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs unleash their real voice so they can command a presence, captivate their listeners, and make a bigger impact with their message. 

Through her business Captivate the Room, Tracy has served thousands of celebrities, thought leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and state supreme court justices over the last 30 plus years with her signature methodology, the Psychology of the Voice™.  

We talk about:

●     Finding your true calling

●     What happens when you people please

●     The lies your subconscious tells you which hold you back

●     The power of your voice

●     Maximising the best version of you

🎧 Head here to listen to this episode in full – 070 Finding Your True Voice

And let me know, how confident are you about presenting your ideas?

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