You are currently viewing Episode 179: Client Showcase: Raising the Tide with Tara McDonagh

In this week’s episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with my wonderful client and seasoned corporate communications consultant, Tara McDonagh.

Tara shared her journey from agency work to leading corporate communications and eventually starting her own consulting business. We also discussed Tara’s ‘Raise the Tide’ group, which empowers women in communications to secure leadership roles and achieve significant career advancements. 

Her commitment to authenticity and strategic mindset has not only shaped her successful LinkedIn presence but also inspired many women to embrace their professional goals with confidence. It has been truly inspiring to witness Tara’s impact on the field and the supportive community she’s built!

In this episode: 

  • [00:00:21] Tara’s journey in corporate communications, from agency to consulting, and her passion for advancing women in the field.
  • [00:01:43] The unexpected long-term professional relationship between Jessica and Tara and how it evolved.
  • [00:04:16] Tara’s vision for the ‘Raise the Tide’ group and the impact it has had on advancing women in corporate communications.
  • [00:06:01] Tara’s mission to empower women in corporate communications, challenge gender bias, and elevate their roles.
  • [00:13:08] The supportive and empowering environment within the ‘Raise the Tide’ group, fostering connections and reclaiming love for the communications field.
  • [00:15:14] Tara’s approach to authenticity and mindset in building a strong and impactful LinkedIn presence.
  • [00:18:19] Being bold and brave on LinkedIn, attracting and repelling with content, and the impact of taking risks.
  • [00:24:08] Tara discusses the breakthroughs in mindset and the impact of working on mindset in her business journey.
  • [00:25:36] The development of openness and curiosity, leading to deeper fulfillment and growth.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Tara emphasised the importance of authenticity and staying true to your values, especially on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Her approach to LinkedIn is not just about tactical strategies but about embodying her vision and values in every post. This authenticity has garnered attention and rallied people around her message, proving that integrity in communication is paramount.
  • Tara’s journey highlights the importance of empowering women in corporate communications, actively supporting women’s advancement to leadership roles, fostering a more inclusive and representative industry landscape.
  • In this episode, we delve into the significance of mindset shifts for professional growth. By addressing mindset barriers and fostering a growth mindset, you can overcome professional challenges more confidently, unlocking your full potential along the way.



“I have this mantra I use in Raise the Tide: We don’t take the first no. And I think that’s critical for women to hear.” – Tara McDonagh

“My vision is to advance this field of communications that we’re in, that I absolutely love, and by advancing it, I mean getting an equal share of voice at the decision making table. … And to do that, we need to advance the women in this field because we’re a field that’s dominated by women, and yet women don’t dominate leadership roles. 80% of CEOs at public relations agencies, the top agencies, are men.” – Tara McDonagh

“Everything I post, if it doesn’t align with my values and it doesn’t serve a purpose with my vision, then why am I doing it? Why am I posting it? How is it going to benefit anyone? So I look at my values and one of my values is integrity, for example. So that leads me to be more vocal on certain things that I know will attract certain people and repel others.” – Tara McDonagh

“I think sometimes we have to turn it up to 11 because the people who love it will love it even more, and the people who don’t love it, it might annoy them quite a lot, but at the same time that will get them really focused on the fact that they are not open to your message. And I always think it’s better to have people make that polar reaction. They either love it or they hate it. There’s no in between because either way, it prompts them to take action.” – Jessica Fearnley


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Guest Bio

President and Chief Communications Strategist, Tara McDonagh, started Tara McDonagh Communications Inc. (TMC) out of frustration with a lack of awareness of Communications’ potential for impact on an organizations’ business goals.  Her communications consultant practice helps Communications leaders and their teams get out of triage-mode and elevate their reputation as critical business advisors while her coaching work elevates professionals in our field.  

Tara is armed with 25 years of experience in public relations, crisis communications, internal communications, and public affairs – leading Corporate Communications for some of the nation’s largest and most established brands.

As a thought-leader and change-agent in her industry, Tara is deeply focused on achieving her vision of a corporate world that not only invites, but expects, Communications leaders to act as trusted business advisors, complete with equal share of voice at the decision-making table.