You are currently viewing Episode 168: Seven Figure Secrets – When You’re Tempted To Go Smaller

In this week’s bite-size Seven Figure Secrets episode, I’m talking about the importance of holding onto your dreams and goals, no matter how big and impossible they may seem.

As women consultants on the journey to seven figures and beyond, we love to dream big, but when we’re tempted to go smaller and limit ourselves, it’s nearly always because of an inner block or mindset issue.

Personal growth and business growth are so intertwined, and when we work on both, the sky’s the limit!



“I realised very soon that I just could not grow my business without addressing the mindset issues and body trauma holding me back.”

“When we love to dream big, but we get blocked on the journey to achieving the aspirations our souls have received, it is nearly always because we get hit with a core limiting belief.”

“You can have whatever you want. Because ultimately, it is not ‘things out there’ that stop us from having the things we want, it’s us. We are the biggest roadblock we will ever face.”


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