You are currently viewing Episode 157: How to Get Your Brain Back After a Break

In this week’s episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I dive into the topic of returning to work after a break. 

It’s so important to take time off so that we can recharge and avoid burnout, especially as high achieving, ambitious women consultants and thought leaders, but how can we smoothly transition back into work mode

In this episode I share some key strategies to help you prepare before your vacation and how to get your brain back when you return to work, including the value of checking in with yourself and prioritizing self-care during this transition period to regain your natural energy, maximize your productivity and enjoy jumping back into your consulting business.

In This Episode:

  • [02:09] The importance of taking breaks, digital detox, and setting boundaries for mental health and work-life balance.

  • [04:51] Planning before and after a vacation to ease back into work and maintain productivity.

  • [06:39] Checking in with your energy levels and being flexible with yourself.

  • [07:30] Tips on regaining your flow and identifying activities that create natural energy after a break

  • [08:28] Setting new intentions and boundaries, acknowledging sparks of inspiration, and exploring peak fulfillment in your work.

  • [11:33] Bonus Segment: Seven Figure Secrets – Advice from your future seven-figure self on letting it be easy, simplifying your business model, and releasing the need to make it hard.

Key Takeaways: 

  • It is always worth taking the break, even if it feels hard on your return.
  • Taking breaks and setting boundaries are not signs of weakness but rather essential components of a successful and fulfilling career.
  • Check in with yourself, be flexible, and most importantly, celebrate your ability to step away from work.


“We get into the rhythm of work, leads, sales delivery, onboarding, offboarding, and it can suddenly actually feel quite stark to jump out of the business to take a vacation. When we get back, suddenly things feel less certain. Do I really post on LinkedIn that many times a week? What will I say at that meeting? How do I jump back on the horse now that I’ve tumbled off? If you’ve taken a break this summer and you’re feeling the brain fog this week, this episode is for you.”

“One of the key temptations for entrepreneurs is to be always on. It’s so great for us to have that digital detox, to break the patterns that we spend a lot of our weeks wrapped up in online.”

“Take that vacation, have that day off, block off that week. We get so blind to the habits that we’re falling into when we never break them. How many times have you come back with fresh eyes after some time out and thought, ‘wait a minute, why are we even doing this?’”

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