You are currently viewing Episode 153: How to Take a Vacation as a Seven Figure Consultant

Today I want to encourage you to listen to your emotions, body and intuition. Is your body telling you, “Girl, you need a vacation?” If it is, this is the episode for you. I’ll give you tips on the benefits, how to prepare and options on whether you work on your vacation or leave your devices at home. So tune in today to hear my thoughts on how to take a vacation as a professional, entrepreneurial woman. 

In this episode:

  • [00:51] Jessica talks about how to take a vacation when you are a seven figure consultant and why you should.
  • [03:50] Interpreting the signs your body is sending to you that you need a break and allow yourself time to feel your feelings.
  • [07:12] How do you meet the needs of those you travel with and ensure you are leaving your business in good hands, and what obligations, if any,  do you have to clients.
  • [09:10] The physical preparation of a vacation and listening to your thoughts while you are resting.
  • [10:56] What to do with the information you learned while on vacation. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Be thoughtful about who you spend your vacation with. For example, you might need time away from friends and rather be alone with your immediate family.
  • When you need more caffeine, assess your schedule and plan a vacation.
  • A vacation can be a time for self-reflection, or you may put work, emails and your devices away during your time off.  Listen to your body.

“An essential part of being human is to give ourselves the grace to break our own rules from time to time. As I get more overloaded towards the end of each term, I would withdraw from my healthy habits and get to an exhausted place where the holidays just cannot arrive soon enough.” – Jessica Fearnley

“It’s important to consider ensuring the business can run smoothly without you. Ensure there’s capacity in your team behind the scenes, and your work calendar reflects the time you plan to spend away.” – Jessica Fearnley

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