You are currently viewing Episode 026: “I feel guilty that my business isn’t struggling right now”

Is your consulting business thriving during the Covid crisis?

We have all these tragic news stories coming at us all day every day.

I know women who have felt the impact of the virus first hand – either because they’ve been ill themselves or they’ve suffered a tragic loss in their family.

And I also know many businesses are struggling, or are simply on hold until further notice.

But for many of us, our experience of this pandemic is considerably less bleak – and that can feel a bit awkward – as if we’re not in step with those around us.

In this podcast episode I talk about:

  • The two groups of people I see thriving at this time 
  • And why you shouldn’t feel bad if you belong to one (or both) of those groups
  • How to avoid sabotaging your own success when you feel uncomfortably happy (while others are struggling)

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