Episode 020: The Best Problems To Have In Your Business

Do you have an overbooked schedule with too many clients?

Or maybe you find yourself overwhelmed by your business growing too rapidly?

If you do, these are some of the problems faced by small businesses that you need to address.

In today’s episode, I talk about the best problems you can have in your small business, how to manage growth in a company as an entrepreneur, and how to make sure you’re setting prices that reflect the true value that your products and services deliver to your clients.

You Will Learn...​

  • What 3 problems most entrepreneurs face when their businesses are experiencing growth and success and why and how you should address these problems.
  • Why your prices should always reflect the value you deliver to your clients.
  • Why you need a business infrastructure that reflects the business you’re running today (and not months or years ago)


Here are the resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Setting Prices without Underselling Yourself
  • The Mental Load: Creating Space for You and Your Business, with Lisa York.

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The Business Club for Grown Ups Podcast – Episode 013, Getting Things Done with Lisa York.

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