Episode 019: Breaking the Mould in Business and in Life with Laura Robinson

What do you do when life gets so complicated that your corporate job no longer works for you?

What happens when you feel you don’t fit in with the ‘conventional way’ of doing things?

Laura Robinson has been working as a self-employed Digital Copywriter for years, and in today’s episode she shares why she started her small business to cope with her life and family demands.

She teaches us how to be more productive while working flexible hours, and how to make the most of being your own boss.

You Will Learn...

  1. How you use your time more productively, even when you work non-conventional hours and around your own unique circumstances.
  2. Why, when running your own business, you need to be clear on your own idea of success and have the courage to find your own compass.
  3. What two key things you can do if you’re still in a job but think you may want to leave and start your own business.

Here are the resources I mentioned in this episode:.

Laura’s website.

Laura’s Facebook page.

Laura’s Facebook group – Write With Worditude: Free Copywriting & marketing help for small businesses.

Podcast episode: Going Big When You Feel Little, with special guest Nadia Finer.

How To Launch a Product Or Service In Your Business, with Laura Robinson – expert content inside my membership, The Business Club for Grown Ups – apply here to access the content.

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