Episode 016: The Three Worst Mistakes I've Made In My Business - Part 1

Would you go into debt to launch or scale your business?

Would you pay over the odds for business coaching or personal development?

A big part of running your own small business lies with the ability to learn from your mistakes, reflect on your lessons learnt, and act on them.

In today’s episode, which is part of a new mini-series, I talk about some of the WORST mistakes I made since starting my own small business, and what I did to turn things around and come up with a ‘get out of debt’ plan.

I’ve always been passionate about acknowledging and learning from mistakes – so I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about some of the biggest clangers in my own business, and be inspired to reflect on your own progress in your business.

You Will Learn...

1. Why, as entrepreneurs, we should always take the time to evaluate the things we’ve learnt along the way and put clear plans in place to identify and learn from the mistakes we’ve made in our businesses.

2. Why believing that you should do anything to get the ‘secret sauce’ or the ‘magic formula’ for your business can take you down a scary path.

3. How to find the confidence to listen to your audience and involve them in shaping your business to start generating regular income.


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