Episode 015: The Truth Behind Starting A Business And Having A Baby With Jessica Dornieden

Mums in business, how do you run a business with a young baby in tow?

Starting a business while pregnant may sound like hard work, but with a plan and the right mindset, it can be done.

I love sharing inspirational success stories from female entrepreneurs. And in today’s episode my guest will tell us all about starting a business and having a baby. You’ll also learn how to become a virtual assistant from home and how to design an agency business model while pregnant or with a very young baby.

You Will Learn...

1. How to plan for the unknown and the unexpected, but also how to adapt to your circumstances when necessary.

2. How to create support systems in your personal life and your business life that allow you to successfully run a business with a young child at home.

3. What the key elements of transitioning to an agency business model are.

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