Episode 013: Getting Things Done with Lisa York

How do you run and grow your business with little time available? How is getting things done possible when life and business can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming?

Lisa York is a podcaster and a business owner and has been growing her online presence organically over time.

In today’s episode, we talk about how to grow your small business in the pockets of time that fit around other responsibilities in your life, how to focus on one thing at the time, and how to grow a business online.

You Will Learn...

1. How you can become laser-focused in your business and go after one main strategic goal while saying no to the opportunities that aren’t relevant for you right now.

2. Why striving for perfectionism can get in the way of making progress in your business.

3. How working strategically towards building the foundations for your business will help you to grow your business more organically and without getting stressed and overwhelmed.

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