Episode 012: Going Big When You Feel Small with Nadia Finer

Do you ever fear you may be hiding behind your business? Could your limiting beliefs be holding you back?

Nadia Finer built a big business around her small voice. Her message around self-confidence and playing to your strengths in your business comes out loud and clear.

In today’s episode, we talk about the importance of confidence when running a business and how overcoming fear can be the key to unlocking the potential that will help you create brand authenticity in your small business.

You Will Learn...

1. Why holding yourself back and hiding behind your brand can lead to bad business decisions

2. Why it’s so important to be ‘authentic’ in business and embrace your uniqueness

3. How pushing through your fears is the only way to build the business you want to create for yourself

4. Why you should re-connect with your message and purpose and focus on the people you want to help

If you’ve enjoyed this episode and want to find out more about Nadia and the way she works with female entrepreneurs just like you, click here to download a free chapter of her book “Little Me Big Business: How to Grow Your Small Business, Increase Your Profits and Go Global (in Your Pajamas)”.

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