Episode 011: What Does A Business Coach Do Anyway?

Have you ever wondered, what is business coaching?

And what does a business coach do anyway??

This week’s episode is all about what to look for in a small business coach, and how to tell a good coach from a bad one.

There are some great benefits of working with a business coach, and when done well, it can be a hugely profitable investment to your small business.

I’m sharing some insights I’ve learned as a coach, plus the great and not-so-great reasons to invest in working with a business coach.

You Will Learn...

  1. The difference between business coaching done badly and business coaching done well
  2. The red flags to avoid when looking for or working with a business coach
  3. Silly reasons to work with a business coach – which are likely to mean you either find the WRONG coach or you don’t get results
  4. The really great reasons to work with a business coach, and the ways this will optimise your business for success (and profits!)

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