You are currently viewing Episode 010: More Than Just Money

It’s not about the money – key motivators for women as we build our businesses.

So often, when women hit the six-figure income mark, and look to stretch themselves to the next level, this is an area where all kinds of mindset issues can come into play.

Shouldn’t it be enough to go for 6 figures, why do I want to go for 7 figures?

For a lot of women, it’s not just about the take home pay and nice holidays and paying off the mortgage.

It’s very often not about flashy cars or impressing people.

  • In this episode we look at key motivators beyond money, including:
    What the Eden McCallum survey noted about women consultants and how they felt about their work
  • The financial goals I see most women strive for (including myself)
  • The power of striving for a legacy (and the impact this has beyond ourselves)